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Touch Multimedia

Touch Multimedia is a company active since 1996 and is responsible for informatic development.
We carry out high quality projects through the use of proprietary technologies which allow us to reduce the time and cost of development.
Touch Multimedia can also realize high complexity projects, following all project phases: analysis, design, development, testing, training personnel.
We are able to develop solutions for:
| - Automation software (communication with hardware devices)
| - Multimedia software (such as information kiosks, multimedia CD / DVD)
| - Client-server applications also operating on internet
| - Websites and portals (with remote administration of contents)
| - Applications and web services for remote management of equipment and devices
| and much more

Touch Multimedia works in these sectors: Automations, Amusement, Multimedia, Banking.

We are able to achieve, thanks to our many years of experience, images and graphic animations of high technical quality and great visual impact.

Touch Multimedia can also operate as a sub-supplier providing a high technical support at every stage of the project.
We use these technologies:
|- C++ (Visual studio / C++ Builder)
|- C# .NET
|- Java
|- PHP
|- Adobe Flex
|- Adobe Flash
|- 3D Studio Max
|- Adobe After Effects
|- Adobe Photoshop