3D graphics

Touch Multimedia realizes high quality 3d images and animations. Our experience allows us to achieve results of extreme quality in short time, therefore containing the development costs.

We provide customer support during the design and development phase and we create 3d prototypes of nearly photorealistic quality.

We also create showcase videos using 3d rendering techniques by taking care of every aspect, from the storyboard conceivement to development and post production. The resulting videos can be delivered in various formats and resolutions on any device.

Our graphics

3d characters animations and modeling

We realize fictional 3d characters in both realistic and cartoon style.

The 3d template is created by stating from the initial character coinceivement and a detailed concept art. The templated is then colored by applying textures and enhanced with clothes and accessories. Then we create the bone structurea and a wide range of facial animation to give it some personality.

At this point the character is ready to be animated and to become the protagonist of a 3d video or an advertisement testimonial.

By using professional speakers we also take care of voice acting and we create a 3d environment with the right atmosphere.

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