Time Machine

Jump aboard the Time Machine and take a trip to the future to see how you will become when you'll get old.
This App allows you to see how your face (or your friends') will change when aging by using sophysticated algorithms; you will be amazed when you'll see the realism of the result, and you'll recognize the resemblance with your ancestors.
Experiment the Time Machine on your friends and send the result via e-mail, or share them directly on Facebook.
It'll be a good way to impress you friends! As a matter of fact, not only does the application show you the aged faced, but it also creates interactive videos that go through the entire aging process.
Key features:
- user-friendly interface
- possibility to upload pictures from camera as well as from the phone library
- streamlined interface, eyes and mouth detection system
- entertaining animations of the transformation
- possibility to watch the video in reverse (from old to young)
- possibility to save the photo on the phone, in order to download it on the computer or share it.
- possibility to send the photo as an e-mail
- possibility to share the photo on Facebook, also in double mode (young and old)
- no internet connection required (exept for Facebook and e-mail operations)
- compatible with iOS 3 and next versions

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