Software development

Information technology systems allow to simplify the planning and organization of a company's daily activities.

A well-written software can resolve every need or set of problems, and for that reason Touch Multimedia aims to be your ideal partner for the development of tailored software solutions.

Thanks to our wide experience on software design and development, we are capable to provide the best solutions to our customers' needs.

A customized and tailored software built to suit our customers' needs allows them to save a lot of time, to offer the best services to their clients, to improve the quality of our lives and also to maximize profits.

We are capable to manage the entire software's life cicle.


Thanks to various tools, proprietary libraries and our wide experience we are capable to reduce the software development phase duration to the minum.

The entire software development is entirely done by Touch Multimedia without using thir-party components to achieve the maximum flexibility.

All components are tested in different use cases conditions to resolve any eventual anomalies on the source code.

Requirement Analysis

In this phase we verify the customer's needs and we try to identify the problem and the process we intend to resolve.

A Use Cases analysis is also done to choose the best solutions to each problem.

We also take interest in the end user's feedback, to find out which solutions can be the most efficient and effective. All these information will be then communicated to our development team.

Software design

During this phase we design the software architecture, creating the different components accordingly to the Requirement Analisys.
The best technologies and programming languages are chosen to suit the software specifications and to ensure the best performance on the various platforms in wich it will be installed.

The software architecture will have to be flexible and scalable to allow the application's long-term evolution.
The user interface will be designed to be both easy to use and user friendly.

Touch Multimedia has taken care of user interfaces since the beginning: we think that a well designed interface is more confortable and less tiring on the long-term use.


During the first phases of its utilization the software is constantly monitored to verify its correct behaviour. We also test the production performances. Updates will be released in case of need, specifically to resolve the identified anomalies.

Staff training

Our software are designed to be the most user-friendly as possible: in any case, we will provide training to the end users to instruct them on the correct use of every component.

Integration with corporate applications

Touch Multimedia has developed a wide range of applications which communicate with already existing software. This allows the user to access company data from the web or by using smartphones and tablets to keep every company's activity under control.

Integrations means to improve the value to previous investments, extending the existing functionalities by making them more accessible and complete.

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