A well-designed web site is without a doubt one of the most important features that lead to a company's success.

Touch Multimedia is capable of designing and realising your Company's presentation on the web by developing a web site which emphasizes your trade, skills and the services you provide.

Our websites

Fully Customizable

A CMS is a content management system, a web platform that allows the user to manage his website in complete autonomy. Our professional team is capable to customize our CMS to suite every need you may have like text management, image uploads, news, newsletters, articles and photogallery.

A reserved area will be provided with every website, allowing you to manage it without the necessity of a technical training: you will be able to upload and update news, create new promotions, upload photos, modify every page content in a very simple way and complete autonomy.

All your modifications will be immediately available and visible to everyone.

The control panel we propose is easy to use and tailored on the customer's needs. Only useful features will be provided to the site administrator, to avoid long and tiring training on the correct usage and also without the need to have a technical nor graphical training.

Well-cured and unique style

Our web designers will be able to realize a modern and user friendly style, which will highlight your message to the end user, without undermine the user experience.

We take care of every aspect, starting from the theme's color and your website's logo. Our websites are absolutely unique: we don't use pre-defined templates but we create a different style for each site we develop.

SEO optimized

Touch Multimedia websites are also search engine optimized, to achieve a good positioning on the main search engines, and to connect to the most famous social networks and marketing tools.

Perfects on smartphones and tablets

Nowadays, people access the web by using smartphone and tablets: the number of mobile devices is overcoming the number of desktop and laptop computers.

It is clear that to prevent the loss of customers it's necessary to be up-to-date and to have a website that is suitable for mobile navigation.

We have been taking care of mobile devices compatibility for many years, and therefor our websites are visible and usable by iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, etc...

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